App Store Optimization
App Store optimization can indeed be considered as an overlooked opportunity as far as making a concerted effort to create growth and traction remain in question. It hardly comes as a surprising aspect that there are certain points of similarities between the traditional Search Optimization techniques and App Store optimization. […]

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Just a couple months ago MattCutts said he would be surprised to see an update to Google Toolbar PageRank by the end of this year. Despite him having said that, here we are in December and Google just updated their Toolbar PageRank values this morning. It’s always a big deal […]

Google Toolbar PageRank Has Been Updated, First Update In Over ...

Google Recent Updates
The Google Hummingbird update was rolled out on the 27th of September, 2013. The update, which really is an algorithm overhaul was introduced by Google as a commemoration of its 15 year anniversary. Hummingbird initially seemed like a slight change, and as is Google famously known to do, claimed it […]

Google Hummingbird main facts that you need to know!

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If a baby is born family celebrates…..! If a leader is born , the nation celebrates……! but Today the ultimate reason for celebration is “Google” all over the world and even in space………!!!! we are pleasured to wish on this occasion to Team Google with small gift from Sunlight IT […]

Google is Celebrating 15th Birthday

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